Collocation Skills Of American Curtains

Curtains are one of the most common things in your house. Do you know about American curtains? Of course everyone would install curtains on the windows, so do you know how to choose American curtains. Here let me introduce some methods of choosing American curtains.

According to the style of furniture

Furniture with different style and material should collocate with different kinds American curtains. If your furniture is made of classic solid wood, you should choose jacquard cloth to collocate with dyed cloth with the pattern of plant, flowers and fish. Furniture company with the curtains in the mixing of hardness and softness, calm and concise in the elegant atmosphere.

If your furniture is plate-type, you should choose light and bright calico, which can increase the feeling of line, block and shape, and create a vivid and romantic simple modern life. Modern furniture will have a more wide range,silk curtains or metallic luster curtains are both your first choice.

Dark Coffee Room Darkening Curtains

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According to the functions of rooms

When you choosing materials of American curtains, you should consider function of the room firstly. For example, when you choosing curtains for kitchen or bathroom, you should choose curtains with strong practicality and easy cleaning. This curtain cloth should withstand the pollution of steam and grease with simple and smooth style. Curtains for bedroom should be thick, warm and thick. Curtains for study room should have good light transmission and bright, and often use elegant colors. In addition, choice of curtain materials often regard to the needs of light. If the light is adequate, you can choose curtains made of chiffon, thin cotton or silk. If the light of room is beyond adequate, you should choose thick wool blend or brocade as the material to resist the irradiate of light. If you are not very strict with light of room, you can choose plain print cotton or linen fabric.

Black And White Bedroom Curtains

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According to seasons

When you purchasing American curtains, you should choose different color and material of curtains according to features of different seasons. In summer, you should use light, soft and transparent yarn or silk with light color. In winter, you should choose thick and closely woven flannel with warm color. In spring or autumn, you can use thick ice silk or floral fabric with bright color. In addition, floral curtain can be used in all years with its lively and bright pattern.

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American curtain is s kind of curtain in American style which will bring great effect to your house in right collocation way. If you are purchasing American curtains, I hope above collocation skills would do help for you, and you can choose curtains from features & occasions.