Skills Of Choosing Bay Window Curtains

Nowadays, the design of bay window is favred by more and more people. The bay window looks funky and beautiful, and it can bring enough lightning for the room. Thus, the design of bay window is also very important. If the curtain can not go well with the bay window, then the whole environment will be influenced. Today, I will tell you how to choose a suitable bay window curtain.

Height of bay window curtains

Though there are lots of advantages of bay window, we still need to pay attention to some precautions when we use the bay window curtain. First, we should choose the fabric which can insulate the heat. Besides, it is suggested by experts that bay window shoule not be built in kids room. Because the low windowsill is esy for kids to climb, so for kid’s safety, the bay window is unsuitable for the kids room.

kids bay window curtains

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Selecting kinds of bay window curtains

Most people like choosing vertical curtains to decorate bay window. Actually, it is not suitable for the bay window. Personally speaking, the romman curtain is more suitable for the bay window because the vertical curtain will block part of the lightning after holding the roman curtain together. And the curtain looks not very neat, so it will affect the beauty of the curtain. However, the roman curtain looks neat and has the layering sense even after holding it together.

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Colors of bay window curtains

The color of the bay window is also an important part. The color of bay window should be equivalent with the whole home furnishing. The most inportant function of curtain is to protect our privacy. If the color of the curtain is too bright, then the main function of curtain will be ignored.

Insulated Bay Window Curtains

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Fabrics of bay window curtains

There is a lot of knowdge of the fabric of bay window curtains. If the outside scene is beautiful or you need good light lightning, so the sunshine fabric is the best choice. If you use the sunshine fabric, then the indoor people can see the outside secene clearly, but the outside people can not see the indoor thing. If the outside light is too strong, or when you use the computer in the room, then you need a blackout curtain with the high-quality fabric. Then, the blackout effect will be the best.

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