How To Use The Curtain To Cover Up The Disadvantages Of The Room?

There are always some defects in a house. Maybe you think that the designer can cover up those defects with the decoration materials or unique design. However, it can not be ignored that the curtain, as the soft furniture, can also be able to cover up those defects.

The curtain with vertical striped pattern can make the room look taller.

If the height of the house is not enough, then people will have a sense of oppression if the area of the home is too large or it has made a ceiling in the home. The simplest way is to choose a curtain in bright color or with vertical striped pattern. Besides, we’d better not add the valance on the curtain. The plain curtain looks simple and fresh, and it can reduce the sense of oppression. In addition, we can also use the lift curtain to change the visual effect of the space.

Black and Gary Striped Curtains

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The light and polished cloth can brighten the room which is in the poor direction.

The largest problem of the house in the bottom floor or in the poor direction is the lighting. Though the condition is poor, we can still use the curtain to cover up the defect. We can choose the curtain in light color and with small and chic patterns to decorate this kind of room. It is suggested by the designer that we should take advantage of the polished cloth to decorate the wall, for example, the curtain which combines the cotton and silk fabric together. We can also choose the sheer curtain or some other gauze cloth. we can still choose the slate blind curtain according to the home style.The cloth in light or cold color can make the small room look broad.

If you room is small, then you can choose the curtain in light or cold color, because light or cold color can create a broad and chic visual effect. If the curtain is decorated with small and chic patterns, then the effect will be better.

The curtain with horizontal striped pattern can make your room look not too long.

If the length of the room is too large, while the width of the room is too short, then we can choose the curtain with direct horizontal line pattern to make the room look balanced. What’s more, we can also install the cloth products with obvious patterns on the two sides of the room. Then, the room which combines the pragmatic and decorative curtain together can reduce the strong contrast effect.

Black And White Horizontal Striped Curtains

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The lift curtain is suitable for the small window.

If we choose the thick and heavy floor curtain to decorate the small windows of the bedroom, then it will create a bulky and burdensome visual effect. Therefore, we’d better install the lift curtain or roman curtain to decorate the small window.

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